Intrepid Trekking in On The Verge

I can't believe how quickly time flies! Especially when you get to be a part of something as special as Eric Overmyer's imaginative play, On The Verge or The Geography of Yearning. I had the pleasure to act in my first Little Fish production as an official member of the company this past September and October. Hence why I was m.i.a. for so long - because boy oh boy was this play one of my biggest challenges as an actress to date! The language, the cue pick ups, the rhythm, the physicality, the comedy, and the timing were all so specific and balanced on a knife's edge. But when it clicked the way it did with this director and this cast it was a thrilling adventure; one I will always cherish. HERE is one of our lovely reviews by Paul Myrvold and HERE is our review from The Daily Breeze.


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