Dusting off my acting skills in POV!

That's right, yours truly has not been on stage in well over a year! Needless to say I was more than a little rusty. But I was fortunate to get cast in Little Fish Theatre's annual short play festival, Pick of the Vine, 2020! And it has proven to be the perfect way to exercise my acting skills, brush up on old techniques, learn some new things, and make new friends. The three short plays I am in cover a wide range of topics, genres, and styles, from Brooklyn mobsters fear of spiders, to new age-y yoga hippies grappling with an existential crisis when presented with the 13th zodiac shift, to teachers struggling with the new reality of school shooting drills. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with directors Holly Baker-Kreiswirth, James Rice, and Sam Sintef as well as my beloved castmates. We opened January 16th to a very warm reception and have been getting great feedback. If you want to check it out we run through February 9th and you can get ticket information HERE.

(Photo by Mickey Elliot)

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